About Us

Presentable packaging can increase sales of any product. That's because she manages to complete two tasks at once, the first: to protect the product from external influences, the second: to enlist the support of satisfied consumers. This in turn contributes to the relevance of the production of plastic bags.

We always try to be one step ahead. Since today the obvious disadvantages of plastic products that get into the environment - make it unsuitable for living.

Pacoline is one of the few companies engaged in the wholesale of biodegradable bags and food packaging films, but not many companies offer such a high-quality assortment of products as Pacoline!

The company has been on the packaging sales market since 2020. We sell such products as: stretch film, t-shirt bags, banana bags and bag with a logo. We are constantly increasing the assortment, and with us you can always find packaging for absolutely different purposes. We adhere to such principles as: product quality; high service; Individual approach to each client.

The company "Pacoline" offers a huge assortment of a wide variety of packaging products. Together with a favorable price and quality packaging, our customers receive another bonus - in the form of prompt delivery both throughout Ukraine and in Europe.

High quality goods

Step in front to a healthy life

Individual approach to each client

Qualified workers

We will provide all the necessary samples

Convenient delivery to the client

Professional equipment

European raw materials

About materials

Biodegradable bags are made from soy, wheat, sugarcane, cellulose, potato or corn starch. The most popular and widely used are biodegradable starch bags.

About products

The Pacoline company is engaged in the sale of such products as:
biodegradable "T-shirt", "banana" bags, trash bags and biodegradable film in the basis of production, which include corn starch.


Biodegradable bags are manufactured using additives, which accelerate the decomposition of synthetic polyethylene when exposed to oxygen. The package contains additives that do not harm the environment.

Collaborating with Pacoline, you don’t need to worry where to order biodegradable bags and packaging film, all of the products on offer are always in stock.

We are ready to start working with you right now! The managers of Pacoline will be happy to provide advice and also tell you what eco packages, craft packages and paper bags are. Hurry to place an order and buy a Pacoline stretch film and you will receive not only a high-quality product, but also a reliable partner represented by Pacoline.