Banana package

Package banana (bag with a cutting handle). This type of package is most often used for applying the logo and advertising of your company. Therefore, they can often be found in various clothing stores, shoes, travel agencies and other companies. Banana packs are quite light, roomy and durable at the same time, and at the same time, they keep their shape perfectly, even if there is practically no free space left in it.

This type of package is also biodegradable and visually it is no different from the usual one. Durability, tightness, printing properties, moisture permeability - throughout the entire period of use, these bio bags remain the same as simple plastic bags.

Bio packages "Pacoline" have several advantages:

lightness and durability of the package;

Perfectly retains its shape;

It is very convenient for drawing a logo;

Environmental friendliness - made from harmless materials, do not pollute the environment, do not contain harmful impurities, are environmentally friendly.

Width, mm
Height, mm
Thickness, microns
Compost bag
from 200 to 700
from 200 toо 800
from 15 to 60мкм

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