Garbage bags

Bio bags for garbage from corn starch is a universal tool for collecting various kinds of waste. Very often used not only in everyday life, but also in construction, in various bars, restaurants, utilities, cleaning companies and many other institutions. The size of Pacoline trash bags is 35 liters, and there are 20 tear-off bags per roll.

Bio garbage bags packaging are great for industries and enterprises due to their advantages:

"Pacoline" offers the most favorable and lowest price of this product;

Light and thin, but very durable. The increased density allows you to operate them in a variety of conditions;

Excellent roominess and reliability. Even the most filled package can withstand enormous loads and does not tear from weight.

"Pacoline" offers the most favorable and lowest price of this product;

The company "Pacoline" is engaged in the implementation of garbage bags that meet all standards, which indicates the high reliability of the products. Our packages are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Composted in the soil in 30 days, turning into fertilizer. It decomposes in 90 days under the influence of direct sunlight, water, air.

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