T-shirt package

Biodegradable T-shirt bags are made of starch, which under natural conditions collapses in just a few months, and for its physical and mechanical characteristics it is several times higher than the strength of polyethylene products. You can dispose of such bags simply by burying them in the ground, where they completely decompose under the influence of the environment. Thus, being completely safe for both man and nature. "Pacoline" is engaged in the implementation of packages of any type and size to order. We also offer the best price for wholesale t-shirt packages.

Bio packages "Pacoline" have several advantages:

Functionality and roominess, high strength properties even with small linear dimensions;

T-shirt bio bag is an ideal base for applying and printing biodegradable ink;

Absolutely safe for humans and the environment.

Width, mm
Height, mm
Thickness, microns
Compost bag
from 200 to 700
from 200 toо 800
from 15 to 60мкм

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