we can offer you:

T-shirt packages

Functional and roomy T-shirt packages have long taken their place in our daily lives. Its advantage is ease of use, which gave it great popularity among grocery stores and supermarkets.

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Banana Packages

He got his name thanks to his slotted handle in the form of a banana. The banana logo package is very convenient for use as an advertising medium. It is very popular among perfumery stores, branded clothing, souvenirs and toys.

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Bags with logo

We will create an exclusive packaging for you to solve a wide variety of tasks. Based on your wishes and goals of the business, we offer these types of packages: T-shirt packages with a logo and a banana package with a logo, and a catchy drawing will attract new customers to your brand.

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Stretch envelope

This type of packaging material is extremely popular among numerous manufacturing companies engaged in reliable packaging of products. You can buy a stretch film from us at the most favorable price.

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Trash Bio Packages

A trash bio bag is a great alternative to a regular trash bag. Environmentally friendly and does not harm the environment. Having paid only 3-6% more, you will receive an excellent biodegradable package.

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