Bags with logo

The use of eco-friendly biodegradable polyethylene bags is gaining in popularity. A large number of companies and manufacturers in various fields are trying to refuse to pack their goods in ordinary plastic and increasingly prefer one of the most rational environmental options - these are paper bags or bio bags.

Bio package is an excellent choice for applying a logo and is an indispensable assistant in the field of trade and marketing solutions. Such a package allows not only to pack your goods, but also to advertise the store, organization, any event, promotion. Using the logo on the package is not an expensive and very effective way to convey to the wide audience the information you need about your product.

So, choosing packages with a logo you will receive:

Branding opportunity - craft packages are an excellent advertising medium;

Environmental friendliness - made from corn starch, does not pollute the environment, do not contain harmful impurities, are environmentally friendly;

Reasonable price for the product - bio packages will cost you quite inexpensively, while they can last a long time;

Printing on bags is applied with inks that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The main feature of ordering a package with a logo is the correct determination of the necessary product parameters. Our managers are always ready to help with this and expertly answer all questions on this topic. You can contact us by phone: +0 000 000 00 00 or use the feedback form.