How can we solve the problem of environmental pollution today

July 9, 2020

The problem of environmental pollution daily attracts increasing public attention. The list of such problems is quite large and is constantly expanding. Someone sounds the alarm about climate change, someone about the disposal and disposal of garbage, someone is more worried about the pollution of the oceans by garbage. Air and water are poisoned by hazardous chemicals, and doing nothing is absolutely no way out. If nothing is started now, “Humanity will not die in an atomic nightmare, it will suffocate in its own waste,” predicted theoretical physicist Niels Bohr. Time does not stand still and people are increasingly convinced of its correctness.

Each of us has the opportunity to contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution today. Although it’s too early for us to talk about waste sorting, energy saving, or that old equipment can’t just be taken and dumped because the alloys and metals that are used for their production will decompose for millions of years.
Nevertheless, we suggest that you do not wait until laws on the prohibition of the use of the same polyethylene are adopted and enter into force. Let’s start with ourselves today.

The very first and very important step towards the conservation of nature is a change in one’s usual way of life. Refuse to use plastic, polyethylene products that have a short shelf life. The next step, plant at least one tree, take care of birds and animals – feed, provide shelter and medical care if necessary. A clean environment is very important, while relaxing in the fresh air, do not forget to leave order, put out the fire. Fires from unburnt fires are quite common. Take part in projects related to illegal logging, the destruction of parks in your city. Do not take this issue passively, do not be indifferent. After all, a person with his participation can stop many processes that harm the environment. We are still able to preserve what nature has given us