Plastic bags harmful to human health and the environment

July 9, 2020

The whole world talks about plastic waste. Europe is sounding the alarm and prohibits the use of plastic products from plastic bags to plastic dishes. And most brands from the fashion world produce swimwear, sneakers and various other attributes from recycled plastic, which is extracted from the ocean.

Every day more and more plastic is thrown into the environment. And with every second the situation only worsens, although its production did not begin so long ago. 70 years have passed since the first plastic product was produced, and mankind has already successfully created more than 9 million tons of these products. Imagine for one minute that the very first plastic bag released 7 decades ago is in the ground and has not even really started to decompose.

Particular criticism and indignation are those products that have a short period of use. You can often see used bags flying around the city or floating in ponds. If we consider plastic itself, a sufficiently useful material, convenient, durable, lightweight, it has replaced a large number of glass and metal products. We can safely say that plastic has greatly simplified our life by introducing a lot of convenient and practical gizmos into it.
Regularly, sociological polls are conducted around the world concerning the use of eco-packaging for goods. As of June 2020, the Center for Environmental Research has interviewed more than 100,000 people from various countries. The result showed that only 0.5% of respondents pay attention to the environmental friendliness of packaging for goods.

The company “Pacoline” recommends adhering to such simple rules, which in turn will help not harm either themselves or the environment:

  • give preference to biodegradable packages;
  • rationally use plastic products;
  • Dispose of plastic in designated areas.