TOP healthy eco-habits

July 9, 2020

While the whole world is just beginning to take small steps and adopt the necessary bills, which should have a positive impact on the ecological situation of the planet, other individual conscious citizens have long ago begun to instill useful eco-habits. Unfortunately, there are those who do not understand the seriousness of what is happening and do not want to change anything. Their opinion is: “I will sort the garbage, but my two neighbors will not, and the fact that I do this will not positively affect the environment”. This is the part of people who are waiting for the ban on the use of polyethylene to be at the state level. We believe that the initiative for environmental change should come from below, directly from citizens.

We present to your attention the first few eco-steps that are designed to significantly reduce the amount of garbage produced:

  1. Refusal of plastic bags. Alas, not every store knows what biodegradable bags or craft bags are. But their ignorance does not prevent us from going to the store with a string bag or eco-cart and not buying plastic carts at the checkout.
  2. Buy vegetables and fruits without packaging. To weigh the goods, you can use special reusable bags, which can be purchased once, and use them for years.
  3. Use of special reusable containers for water. Instead of buying drinks in disposable bottles, it is recommended to carry a thermo bottle or a mug into which you can draw water or other drinks.
  4. Do not use disposable plastic dishes. For a picnic, you can take metal dishes or, in extreme cases, paper. You can warn the coffee house that you have a thermo mug with you and ask you to pour a drink into it. Also warn in advance that you do not need a tube and a lid.

Simple small steps, later doing great things. Start accustoming yourself today to live by the rules, the rules of a responsible person.